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Wool Tests and Eye Muscle Scan Tests are recorded in Excel spreadsheet format. Upon request Clients may have their reports in any combination:

  • Hard Copy (Paper)
  • Yard Copy (Laminated).
  • Computer Disc Copy (A drive disc or CD).
  • Emailed Excel File.
  • Fax Copy.

Wool Sample Histogram

Histogram copies of a wool test are usually only generated at the time of testing
(Upon Request). They graph the range of microns within a given sample.
Available only as a hard copy.

histogram print

Analysing Results:

There are many ways to sort and rank animals within a flock. Remember constitution and conformation is not included in these. Whatever process is used, we suggest physically inferior animals be discarded either pre or post testing regardless of their results.

  • Excel. Using Excel is a very efficient way of assessing test results from groups of animals. Sorted by any testing category, the extremes may then be gauged and cut off points of acceptance made within the group.

  • Measure Up. (free service) If you are unfamiliar with Excel and wish to have your animals sorted, ranked and grouped. We can do this, using the parameters you specify and the numbers of animals you wish transferred to each group at the conclusion.

  • Rampower. (free service) This programme gives animals within a group a breeding value, index and rank. When Body Weight, Greasy Fleece Weight, Yield and Sires are included in the calculation, the accuracy of the result is improved. There are many indexes to choose from, your choice should match your breeding objective. Eg:
    3% Rampower + Body Weight: Maintains Fibre Diameter. Maximizes increase in Fleece Weight and Body Weight.
    6% Rampower + Body Weight: Medium decrease in Fibre Diameter. Medium increase in Fleece Weight and Body Weight.
    12% Rampower + Body Weight: Maximum decrease in Fibre Diameter. Maintains Fleece Weight and Body Weight.

  • The Sheep CRC. The Sheep Combined Research Centre has several downloadable programmes, designed to help wool growers & meat producers assess their animals and their enterprises.

    Simultaneous Assortment. This program allocates animals into their most appropriate ‘meat’ or ‘wool’ groups using individual data on fibre diameter and body weight to create a selection index rather than selection on one or other measurement alone. Developed by Jess Richards and Kevin Atkins, NSW DPI.

    To view and download this and other programmes click here

  • Sheep Genetics Australia. SGA is a national genetic information and evaluation service for the meat
    and wool sectors of the sheep industry and has been developed jointly by Australian Wool Innovation Limited (AWI) and Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), together with industry. The breeding values (ASBV’s) are designed to be used by ram breeders and commercial producers to compare the genetic potential of rams and ewes for a range of industry agreed traits, across flocks, independent of the environment and location.We can collate, format and lodge your data to SGA. (fees apply)