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We are an OFFM quality assured wool testing company utilizing the most accurate testing equipment.
‘CSIRO Sirolan Laserscan’.

Wool Sample Laboratory Testing

For some Woolgrowers wool sample testing may be the most practical or preferred objective measurement option, especially if you are not shearing, and it should be thought of as only a different collection process to reach the same end.

Laboratory Tests

Standard Test: includes Micron, Standard Deviation, Coefficient of Variation %, Spinning Fineness, Curvature, Comfort Factor %.

Yield Testing: This test gives a clean yield % of the sample. An advantage when ranking sheep if Greasy Fleece Weight is included.

Staple Length: As an addition to Fleece Weight this measurement is very useful. We can measure and rank animals accordingly. You can measure this yourself in raceway and add it to your sample card.

Histograms: An additional print out. This graph shows the range of microns within a sample.

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Wool Sample Collection

Mid-Side of the sheep is the industry preferred position wool samples are taken from. Some producers prefer to take pin-bone samples especially if working in a narrow raceway. Whatever position you take your sample it must be consistent between sheep. When taking samples during shearing or crutching consider marking the point with raddle beforehand to improve accuracy. If the sheep have 12 months wool growth an area 3cm x 3cm will yield enough wool for testing. Increase this area as wool growth lessens.

Rule of thumb; A GOOD HAND FULL.
It is better to supply too much