Eye Muscle Depth Scanning


We are an SGA accredited eye muscle scanning company utilizing ‘ECHOVET 128’
(Measurements to 1/10th mm.) RFID compatible.


Fat & Eye Muscle Depth Scanning.

Until now, Eye Muscle Depth ultrasound scanning has been used extensively in the British Breed Sheep Industry. However given the increased importance and value of Merino meat production many Merino Sheep Breeders are now scanning their flocks. The potential impact this could have upon the Merino Sheep of the future is significant given eye muscle and fat depth has a heritability of 25 to 35%.

Lazerline EMD Ultrasound Measurements include:

  • Fat Depth.
  • Eye Muscle Depth.
  • Eye Muscle Shape Score. (upon request)
  • Body Weight.
  • Scrotal Circumference. (upon request)
  • Data collation & input to SGA. (upon request)

EMD Requirements:

  • SGA requires EMD & Fat measurements to be taken at the ‘C’ site (45mm from the back line) at the 12th to 13th rib.
  • Sheep to be scanned should average 45kg or more.
  • Be between 8 and 18 months.
  • Have a fat score of 2 at the ‘GR’ site. (110mm from the backline).
  • Have at least 2cm of wool or be freshly shorn (within 2-3days).

EMD Information:

  • Ewes reach eye muscle depth maturity earlier than rams.
  • Eye muscle width is usually 2.3 to 2.6 times the depth.
  • Depth is the most important component of eye muscle measurement, it correlates strongly with eye muscle area and is the easiest to measure accurately with little operator interpretation.
  • Eye Muscle and Fat Depth has a heritability of 25 to 35 %.
  • Sheep with greater eye muscle depth at the same weight yield more meat with no extra feed.
  • Approx Fat Depth to Fat Score Ratio:

    C Site Fat G Site Fat Fat Score
    1mm = 3mm 1
    2mm = 6mm 1 to 2
    3mm = 9mm 2
    4mm = 12mm 2 to 3
    5mm = 15mm 3
    6mm = 18mm 4


EMD Scan
Eye Muscle Ultrasound Scan