"We have employed Ian Bradtke as our Merino Stud Consultant for a number of years. Ian’s Merino Sheep & Wool knowledge, marketing know how, and professionalism have helped guide us to a higher standing in our industry."

Wes & John Daniell, WHITE RIVER


"Ian’s kind, friendly and reliable service is definitely top-shelf; a pleasure to work with and the standard of his work is unparalleled.  He comes armed with accurate, up-to-date information and fresh ideas”.



"With their sound knowledge & expertise, Lazerline has assisted us in streamlining our business through their technology & attention to detail. They provide a valuable and outstanding service which North Ashrose highly recommends."



"Ian and Ann-Marie Bradtke have always provided us with the most professional service.  They are prompt and have an attention to detail that is second to none.  We would recommend their services to anyone without hesitation.  We look forward to many more years working together."



"Ian and Anne-Marie Bradtke have been providing objective measurement results for Windarra Merino Stud both from mid-side samples and in-shed testing of the whole clip for seven years. This has enabled Windarra to provide accurate figures for benchmarking with every confidence. I am impressed with their service and ancillary advice and can commend their performance to all sheep breeders."

Tom Hanson, WINDARRA


"At Old Ashrose we have been using the Elite Merino Co. since Ian and AnneMarie purchased their first Laser Scan machine in ?. All of the Old Ashrose rams are fleece tested as shearing takes place. Every ram has it`s fleece measurements recorded, including a fleece weight. These measurements are then put together by Ian and AnnMarie in both a hard copy and spreadsheet format. The data is easily transformed into rampower index`s and the SGA data base, these figures are available to all Old Ashrose clients. The service provided by the Elite Merino Co. is a very professional one which enables us to operate efficiently from shearing right through to ram selection. For continuing genetic progress it is a important tool in the Old Ashrose ram breeding program."

Nick Wadlow,


"From Wool & Eye Muscle Scanning to Sale pen cards – an excellent service and great people to deal with."

Dennis Dalla, ORRIE COWIE


"Ramsyn has been using Lazerline for wooltesting for the past 6 years and more recently for Eye Muscle Depth Scanning. We are very impressed with their promptness and confident of receiving accurate results."

Bruce Williams, RAMSYN


"We at Kelvale Poll Merino Stud have benefited from using Lazerline testing services for a number of years.  During this time we have tested our entire drop of ewe hoggetts each year using wool weights and micron measurements to gauge our progress within the industry. The service provided by Ian and Ann-Marie has always been courteous and professional and we look forward working with them in the future."

Stephen Kellock, KELVALE


"We have been clients of Lazerline for a number of years. The owners, Ian and Ann-Marie Bradtke, are very reliable people to do business with. We find their service to be very professional. Their testing results have always been received promptly and precise. We hold a ram sale annually on our property and Lazerline supplies us with histogram and wool detail cards,  which we display on the day. We find our clients understand them easily and the winning bidders on the day look forward to taking them home with their rams. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services and look forward to continuing our business with them in the future."



"Jeancourt Prime SAMM stud has been using the Lazerline wool testing service for several years and found that Ian and team provided  timely, well presented, easy to use  wool information. We were pleased to find that Lazerline had begun to offer EMD scanning,and it seemed a good idea to be able to combine the data bases in order to assist with in flock selection. We particularly appreciated Ian's proactive approach in letting us know when he would be in the area, so that we could organise our work shedule around the task."

Bill and Megan Heddle
Principals Jeancourt Prime SAMM and Afrino Studs