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We are an OFFM quality assured wool testing company utilizing the most accurate testing equipment.
‘CSIRO Sirolan Laserscan’.

Test Result Information

Explanation of Test Results

FD (Fibre Diameter) Micron or u :
The mean (average ) micron of a sample measured in millionths of a metre.


Mic Dev (Micron Deviation):
Plus or minus the average of the group being tested.


GFW (Greasy Fleece Weight):
The weight of the whole fleece being tested.


CFW (Clean Fleece Weight):
Calculated by multiplying the greasy fleece weight by the yield and dividing by 100.


Yld (Yield):
This is the percentage of clean wool in a sample after grease and vegetable matter have been removed.


This is a graph showing the spread of microns within a given sample.


SD (Standard Deviation):
Measures, in microns, the spread of fibres either side of the mean FD in which 68% (two thirds) of the fibres lie. The lower the SD the more uniform the wool.


CV (Coefficient of Variation):
The CV is the SD divided by the mean FD multiplied by 100. CV measures the FD variability as a percentage, 15% being very uniform, 30% indicates high variability. Comparisons can only be made against animals with a similar micron .


Measures the percentage of fibres above 30.5 microns. The general rule is that greater than 5% may cause the prickle effect on the skin.


Comfort Factor:
Comfort Factor measures the percentage of fibres below 30.5 microns. Calculated as 100 minus % of fibres below 30.5%


Measures how rapidly a fibre bends along an average standard short length of fibre. Expressed as degrees of curve per millimetre of fibre (deg/mm). Curvature measurements usually range between 70 and 150 deg/mm. Curvature strongly relates to crimp frequency. High curvature / high crimp frequency.

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