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We are an OFFM quality assured wool testing company utilizing the most accurate testing equipment.
‘CSIRO Sirolan Laserscan’. RFID compatible

Laserscan Fleecescan & Wool Sample Testing

When we are first contacted by woolgrowers about in-shed testing or wool sample testing, we probably tend to ask more questions than the woolgrower and our first question is always; What do you want to achieve with your flock?
Once this has been established, we can start to look at ways to record, report and analyse the information to attain the most expedient and profitable outcome, remembering that what works for one woolgrower may not be feasible or practical under your management or for your environment.


Information Collection

We encourage woolgrowers to collect as much data on their flock as possible for entry into the system during In-Shed and Wool Sample testing and suggest you consider:

  • Sire Codes.
  • Fleece Classing Codes eg visual quality number ranking &/or staple length .
  • Wool Classing Codes eg TDR, CLR, DER etc.
  • Staple Length.
  • Wet & Dry Ewe identification.
  • Ewe or Wether identification.
  • Age variance.
  • Different shearings.


Information Provided

The ‘CSIRO Laserscan’ wool test result provides the following fibre information:

  • Micron.
  • Standard Deviation.
  • Coefficient of Variation.
  • Spinning Fineness.
  • Curvature.
  • Comfort Factor %.